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Dental Care
in Costa Rica

Make your dental vacation in Costa Rica a memorable experience with Biodent Dental Specialists! Our state-of-the-art facilities, including an in-house lab, CAD/CAM technology, intraoral scanning, 3D CBCT panoramic X-rays, and the latest laser technology, enable us to provide dynamic navigation for dental implantation and surgical guides. To make your trip stress-free, we offer free airport pickup and comfortable accommodations in our private cabins. Choose Biodent for a truly exceptional dental experience.

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  • Airport Pick up

  • Translator

  • Accommodation

  • All Procedure cost

  • Follow-up 

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Dental Ca

Traveling Abroad for Dental Care in Costa Rica
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Most patients come seeking specialized dentistry and expertise in complex dental treatments. 

The reason why numerous individuals travel for dental procedures is due to the significant cost savings - dental work in Costa Rica is typically 70% less expensive than in the US, Canada, and the EU.

At Biodent, we are a leading dental clinic in Costa Rica equipped with state-of-the-art technology and highly skilled dental specialists. Whether you're seeking top-notch dental care for yourself or have been referred for specialized treatment by your local dentist, you can trust the expert hands of our team at Biodent. Your best choice for Dental Tourism in Costa Rica.


The Price of Dental Treatment in Costa Rica.

Many patients journey to Costa Rica in search of budget-friendly dentures, implants, and cutting-edge dental treatments.


Despite this common misconception, finding a top-notch dentist in Costa Rica does not have to come at a high cost. Our team of medical professionals is all certified and possesses the most recent training in the dental field.


Additionally, our on-site dental laboratory allows for quick and cost-effective completion of your dental procedures.


Lodging Arranged in our Exclusive Cabins

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Dental Implants


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Corrective Jaw Surgery


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